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For the last year and a half I've been working on a wonderful project called ¡Oye Frank! 

Its a 100 year anniversary tribute to Frank Sinatra, with a Latin twist. Crafted in Mexico by Colombian, Cuban and Dominican musicians.

 Produced & arranger : Felipe Saray


I'm honored that the main man who had the original idea behind this project, executive producer 
Joaquín Fernández Esquivel, asked me to be the vocalist. I've known Joaquin for the last 15 years. We worked together in studio when he was a young engineer.  In that 2 year period of sessions he got a chance to know me and my own music.
Joaquin went back to Mexico City and became a sucessful A&R man for Warner Mexico.  He has worked with Grammy winners Jesse & Joy and many other artists.  Now with his own company, Setiment Records, he asked me to do the lead vocal for Oye Frank. 


It's a full circle for me because I was doing some of these same classics songs  40 years ago

when i was three years old...;).


 Please take the time to read on and I hope you 

 download this beautiful Record/CD. 

With your help one by one. It would be a dream come true to do this high energy show LIVE In LA! The Roxy! The Greek!! Ok Hollywood Bowl. ;)


Thanks you! 



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¡Oye Frank! Sonata Latina Tribute Orchestra opens up a whole new chapter in


Frank Sinatra's history, with the release of a very unique homage album. Just


imagine some of his all-time classics blended with latin rhythms such as salsa,


mambo, cumbia, wawancó and cha-cha... Welcome to the world of ¡Oye Frank!


 Crafted in Latin America by an all-star production team and session players,


this record is nothing but delicious news for all salsa and latin jazz fans. The


record paints various emotions within its repertoire with colorful harmonies,


lyrical hues and artful dimensions.


 Take 10 of legendary Sinatra's standards, throw them inside a conga, shake well


and you get an elegant latin rendition, both for dancing or falling in love with


your latin soul.


 Led by all-American L.A. Singer-Songwriter BillyKent, also featuring the wonderful vocalist Tina Aldana on the duet “Something Stupid” the orchestra's cheerful


and romantic sonata train takes you to every stop of the sound landscape of


their instruments; ranging from a rhythm section with congas, bongos and timbale


to electric and baby bass to a sax-trombone-trumpet brass section, kindly


assembled with the harmony and percussive poetry from producer's Felipe Saray's


upright acoustic piano.


 Mixed by three time Grammy/ Latin Grammy winner and twenty-eight time


Grammy/Latin Grammy nominee: Abelardo Rivera (Monterrey Sound), ¡Oye Frank! is


sure to give a new heartbeat to 10 world famous classics from the First


International Recording Artist, The Voice, The Great: Frank Sinatra.


¡Oye Frank! Let's do the cha-cha!


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EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Joaquín Fernández Esquivel






MUSIC RECORDED BY: Joaquín Fernández Esquivel


MIX AND POST: Abelardo Rivera


MASTERED BY: Jimmy Cavazos


LEAD VOCALS: Billy Kent  

(Duet “Somethin´ Stupid” featuring Tina Aldana)


 CONGAS, BONGOS & BELL: Jean Carlos Pino


TIMBALES & GÜIRO: Felipe Saray


BASS: Christian Cuadrado


BABY BASS: Héctor Benavides


TROMBONE 1: Reiner Toledo TROMBONE 2: Hiram Arenciba Rodríguez


TRUMPET 1: Javier Juárez TRUMPET 2: Arodi Albuerme


SAX ALTO & TENOR: Anyer Gutiérrez


FLUTE: Carmen Alicia Montoya


PIANO: Felipe Saray




VIOLIN: Donaji EspinosaEmilio Ramón Cahuatzin


BACKGROUND VOCALS: Karina CatalánFelipe Saray, Angélica Esquivel




VOCAL EDITS BY: Jorge Cervantes


RECORDING ASSISTANTS: Raúl Durand and Jairo de Anda


LYRIC VIDEOS / MOTION GRAPHICS BY: Flamita Studios for Chinelo Entertainment                 


ARTWORK ADAPTATION (100 YEARS): Francisco G. Flores




COPYIST: Charlie Murcia









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