Thanks for stopping by. For those of you inquiring about my new CD, we are almost DONE: 2015 release! In the meantime some kind words from some Artist that have inspired me. "I've known Billy Kent for over 30 years. He's extremely passionate in all that he does. Do yourself a favor and get to know him through his music." -Emilio Castillo, Bandleader - Tower of Power "Billy Kent...a songwriter with the unique ability to expose the rawest nerve and essence of life's ups and downs and turn it into a great musical landscape.When I need a lyric, I call on
Billy Kent." -Greg Adams "I have performed live and in the studio and I can tell you, he is a true R&B poet " -Marc Antoine "I found this music to be so listenable. . . the project was put together so well from start to finish. Billy's lyrics and singing style together with some great musicianship on this cd make for a very enjoyable listening experience." -Dave Koz